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Amy Chae’s design philosophy

I’m a freelance graphic and interior designer living in Vancouver, BC, Canada specializing in branding, logo and advertisement design.  I work closely with my clients to provide the highest satisfaction in the business by providing designs and graphics on time and with the highest technical achievement in the industry.
I have over 15 years’ experience of interior design, specialized in VMD (visual merchandizing), POP(Point of purchase advertising), exhibition design and event booth design. I have been educated in Germany, Korea, and Canada.  


My skills are not only focused on graphic projects such as cooperate identity, flyers, poster designs, but all types of visual images. Customers pay attention to amazing designs which in turn drives them to buy and feel their money is well spent.

For example, we may go through a shopping mall and let us to stop by one shop, what makes the consumers to stop and look? There will be many reasons we can think of: maybe the shopper was thinking of purchasing a similar item or maybe the store window was just eye catchy?

My design concept started from making human environment improve and finding solutions for business improvements. My designs support clients’ idea and perspective of their marketing strategies. They also should be associated with creativity and with a professional look.

This design must involve effective visual communications through using colours, fixtures and text or space layout. I believe that obtaining readability and legibility is enhanced by improving the visual presentation and interpretation which will be harmonized designer’s concept but it should consist client’s needs.

I would say design process is a birth of creation as it relates to the message and ideas when using materials or diverse elements. And this is my goal and mission to create design projects.

Thanks for your support and feedback from users like you! Keep up to date with New Releases and what’s Coming Soon in Amy Chae Design in Support.

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